The emotions I experience during the time I create my art are exposed in clay. Although I may start out with an idea in mind, and follow it through to the finish, there are times when a piece of clay may change or transform into something else altogether. These are usually my favorites. For me, the enjoyable part of building a piece of pottery or sculpture is the actual manipulation of the clay, although the piece does come alive after the glaze is applied. I am most satisfied with my pottery and sculptures when they appear earthy and/or antiquated. I am not a fan of cookie cutter. Much of my inspiration comes from this beautiful coastal environment.

My medium of preference is low fire clay. I hand build my art, which is formed mostly from coils and slabs that are carefully pieced together. After slowly drying, each is bisque fired in an electric kiln. When cool, glaze is added, then each piece is fired again. Sometimes paint, beads, shells, or other embellishments are added.

For years, I gave my work away or sold it at Christmas Fairs. My work has been in the Umpqua Valley Arts Association, featured at the Coos Bay Library, and was a part of a group showing by members of Art by the Sea Gallery at the Bandon Library.

I am currently a member of Art by the Sea Gallery and Studio in Bandon, Oregon.