“Rainy Day”

“Rainy Day”

Jean holds a B.A. in Aquatic biology from the University of California at Santa Barbara and an M.S. in Geology from the University of Southern California. She has worked both as a geologist and biologist in the natural resource consulting business since 1989. Biology is her first love, and she is still involved in that end of the business.

Jean ventured into the ceramic arts field in 2008 and started her art business: ‘In Full Feather,’ LLC in 2009.

Jean is an active member of the Oregon Potters Association (OPA) since 2012 and annually shows her work in OPA’s Ceramic Showcase in Portland, Oregon.

Jean utilizes mixed-media presentation with most of her pieces using either stoneware or porcelain as the clay medium and interfacing her pieces with feathers, pine needles, beads, wire and wood. Her pieces are either wheel-thrown, hand built or altered wheel-thrown. Jean finishes the work with mid-range firing or uses various raku techniques to complete the pieces.


“Clay is a wonderful medium-you can go so many directions with this form of art-it never seems to get boring.” Jean loves to experiment, “that’s how you can stumble upon those ‘happy accidents’!”