I grew up in Northern California, and lived in a house built on stilts over a marsh. I had a wonderful, inspiring childhood along the boardwalk watching the birdlife on the marshes, and the tidewaters. I have always loved watching the different color patterns in the water and sky.

In late 1982, after much deliberation and planning, we sold everything and started a dream trip of sailing around the Pacific Ocean aboard our 35 ft. sailboat. We spent the next 6 1/2 years traveling along the western coast of Mexico, and exploring the islands of the South Pacific, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Alaska.

In 1988, we settled in Ferndale, Washington, which became our base for several summers of commercial salmon fishing in SE Alaska aboard our 40 ft. fishing boat. We retired in 1999 and became snowbirds, leaving the winters behind and traveling to the desert in Why, Arizona. Desert scenes became the next series of paintings on my artist’s palette.

I have made my home here in Bandon and enjoy walking the beaches and watching the many moods of the ocean. I love painting outdoors and have joined the plein aire painting group. I am a member of Art by the Sea Gallery and Studio where my paintings are on display. I especially enjoy watercolors, acrylics and collage. I am exited to belong to this gallery where the artists are so talented and give me inspiration.

This particular series of work is a result of my world-wide travels and wanting to express those experiences in a variety of art mediums. My late husband and I sailed for 6 years in Mexico and the South Pacific. We visited villages and met families and got to immerse ourselves in the cultures we visited: Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, Hawaii and Alaska are a few of my favorites. I’ve also been to South Africa, Spain, Italy, France, Monte Carlo, Argentina, Chilie, the Falkland Islands, the Greek Islands, and even gone around Cape Horn!

In each country, I took my watercolors and pad and did some small paintings to record the colors and feel of the places. I also took many photos and wrote notes to remember each place.

I hope you enjoy the art I created from such wonderful life memories!