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I have been a general contractor and master craftsman for over 45 years. As I started planning for retirement, I decided to focus on my love of the ocean and lighthouses.

I started building lighthouses in 2012 using reference material from books, photographs, and on-site visits as able. In 2015, I entered my Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in the California State Fair in the Crafts Division and was awarded 2nd Place.

As to my process, I draw the replica plans for the lighthouse using my drafting skills and assemble the sustainable wood to turn on the lathe in order to create the form of the tower. Once the tower is finished, I make the attached structure and the moldings. Next comes the fine detail work of crafting windows, roofing, cupola, and railings. The final work focuses on the wall texture, painting, and inserting the lens (crystal) and lead glass windows. All the elements of my lighthouses are handcrafted by myself except for the crystal representing the Fresnel lens and battery pack for the miniature lights.

I have recently joined Art by the Sea Gallery in Bandon, Oregon to exhibit my lighthouses professionally and participate in the artistic community.