I grew up wandering the woods of Connecticut and canoeing the rivers and lakes there. I passed this love of the natural world onto my three children while raising them in the beautiful Colorado Rockies.

At an early age, I wanted to share the experience and inspiration that I felt in my wanderings...and the camera seemed to be the answer. (I have trouble sketching a snowman!)

Great Spirit has given me the gift of sight…

To witness the changing of the seasons

And all the wonder of it all

The ability to learn and experience with all living

Beings what our beautiful planet offers us

And from this experience, gain an understanding

That we are truly all one sharing the same needs:

Clean water, food, shelter…

A safe place to raise our children and a place to call


It has been and continues to be my passion to introduce others to the wonders of our beautiful planet through photography and wandering together….Hope to see you out there!