FEATURED ARTIST march 5 ~ march 31 2019

chancy fabrizio

Chancy Fabrizio is an Oregon Native. She served eight years in the Army National Guard, during which time she met her husband. She was a volunteer firefighter and a full time paramedic.

These days, she dedicates her time to her family and artwork. “I have been through and have seen a lot of wonderful and horrible things in my life. I want my art work to convey those experiences. I choose colors that evoke emotion and pick subjects to paint that are intense or bold in presence.”

Chancy discovered her love of painting only a few years ago. “I just picked up a pencil one day and started drawing. I am inspired by the works of the ‘Great Italian Masters,’ but what inspires me most are people and animals with a story to tell.”

Chancy won the People’s Choice Award for “Bright & Bold: For the Love of Color” Community Art Show in 2018 at Art by the Sea Gallery and Studio.