Carol moved to Bandon from Sonoma County, California in 1999. She likens the coastal weather here to that of her native country—Great Britain. She very much enjoys scavenging the local beaches with her Australian Labradoodle named Cooper.

Carol holding a purse.JPG

Carol has been a self-taught artist from a very early age—starting with embroidery and knitting, followed by weaving, spinning and natural dyeing. During the time she lived in California she raised sheep, angora goats and angora rabbits for the primary purpose of utilizing their wool for her fiber pursuits.

After selling her spinning wheels and floor looms, Carol explored other mediums such as paper making from natural plants; making marbleized and paste papers; various forms of basketry—including making vessels and wall hangings from dried bullwhip kelp collected from local beaches; encaustics oil and cold wax and collage. She is always open to learning new ways to create art and enjoys going to various workshops in Oregon and California. Her latest passion is eco-printing/eco dyeing, which is a contemporary application of the traditions of natural dyeing. In eco printing or dyeing, plants are enclosed in textiles or paper, bundled by winding over rods or stacked in layers and then steamed or immersed in hot water to extract the pigments and produce a print made with plant dyes. Using these techniques, Carol produces eco-printed and dyed silk carves, wall hangings, greeting cards and collages which are sold at Art by the Sea Gallery & Studio.

Carol enjoys sharing her artful skills with students who attend classes at Art by the Sea Gallery. She has also taught classes in kelp basketry at Sage Gallery, as well as at the annual Art & Soul Retreat in Portland, Oregon.